Box Tree Moth Caterpillar

There is a new pest in our area that is putting your boxwoods at risk!

Box Tree Moth (BTM) is an invasive species recently found in our area. BTM works quickly by eating through the foliage and eventually eating the bark which will lead to the death of the plant. While boxwoods are their main target, they are documented eating Euonymus and holly as well.

Action needs to be taken quickly for treatment to be most effective. Signs to look for are chewed leaves, green/black frass, webbing/silk threads, eggs found underneath leaves, or the presence of the caterpillars themselves. It is important to look inside of shrubs as infestation sometimes works from the inside out. The pictures on this page can help guide you, if you feel you might have a problem.

The treatment plan we offer is a foliar spray. Please contact our office if you’d like to discuss further with one of our representatives.

Box Tree Moth

Box Tree Moth eggs found on the underside of leaves

Boxwood infested with Box Tree Moth