How to Help Your Lawn Stand Out this Summer

How to Help Your Lawn Stand Out this Summer

Published June 18, 2024 50 Views

As summer approaches, the allure of a lush, vibrant lawn becomes irresistible. At Ted Collins Tree & Landscape, we understand the importance of a well-maintained landscape, not just for aesthetic appeal but also for enhancing your outdoor living experience. Summer is the prime time to showcase your...

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Buddleja Davidii “Royal Red” (Royal Red Butterfly Bush)

Published May 7, 2024 149 Views

Buddleja davidii “Royal Red” is a deciduous bush first cultivated in Ohio in 1942. The bush features many extending branches, each with its own cluster of brilliant red flowers. The Royal Red is known as one of the best and most beautiful of the older “red” cultivars. The bush was introduced across...

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Box Tree Moth Alert

Published April 4, 2024 363 Views

Box Tree Moth Caterpillar There is a new pest in our area that is putting your boxwoods at risk! Box Tree Moth (BTM) is an invasive species recently found in our area. BTM works quickly by eating through the foliage and eventually eating the bark which will lead to the death of the plant....

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Seasoned Firewood for Sale

Published September 20, 2023 87 Views

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Have You Done Your Spring Inspections Yet? Don't Worry; It's Not Too Late

Published May 25, 2021 93 Views

The spring is often the best time to inspect trees and shrubs for issues that may be detrimental in the near future. The main reason visual inspections are so effective this time of year, is the absence of foliage. Plant structure is plainly seen and problems can be addressed. Some of the most co...

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Oak Wilt Alert

Published April 5, 2021 109 Views

Oak wilt has been identified in upstate NY, in Bristol along Canandaigua Lake. This is a particularly devastating disease, especially for Red Oak varieties. The fungal pathogen is spread by insects that bore into trees. After being introduced to a healthy tree, it attacks the tree's vascular system....

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Crabgrass: Almost Everyone Has It; No One Wants It!

Published August 4, 2020 94 Views

What is crabgrass? Digitaria is a genus of plants in the grass family. It is a thin “finger-like” grass that grows in a different pattern than the rest of a lawn. The seeds germinate in late spring and early summer, overtaking the domesticated grasses. Our ability to suppress crabgrass has bee...

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Creating the Perfect Winter Habitat for Backyard Birds

Published December 20, 2019 104 Views

During the cold and dark winter months, you sometimes need a splash of color and activity to brighten up the view from the comfort of your home. Creating a habitat for backyard birds can help bring a little joy and activity to a winter view that you can enjoy from the warm comfort of your own ho...

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Inspiration: Why a Water Feature is Perfect for Your Landscape Installation

Published December 6, 2019 107 Views

Even though the weather is getting colder and the days are getting shorter, now is the perfect time to start thinking about your landscape installation for next year! The offseason is the best time of the year to reach out to our designers and consultants to create your dream landscape installat...

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Tips and Tricks: Winter Tree Care

Published December 2, 2019 103 Views

The winter is the toughest season of the year for trees. With the cold weather, brutal storms, and burrowing hibernating animals, your trees stand at a great risk to be permanently damaged. However, a little winter tree care goes a long way to protecting your valuable trees from the harms of the...

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Tips and Tricks: Winter Indoor Gardening

Published November 29, 2019 121 Views

For many passionate gardeners, the dark and cold Rochester winters are a nuisance. Because we do not live in a warmer climate, many think that it is impossible to nurture and enjoy plants year round. However, that is simply not the case! Growing succulents and other plants indoors is a fantastic...

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Vaccinium corymbosum (Northern Highbush Blueberry)

Published October 23, 2019 192 Views

Vaccinium corymbosum, commonly known as the Northern Highbush Blueberry, is a species of blueberry found across the Eastern United States and Canada. For centuries, the highbush blueberry has been cultivated by Native Americans. The shrub grows around 6 to 12 feet tall and wide, and are often fo...

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Prunus Domestica “Mount Royal” (European Blue Plum)

Published October 16, 2019 119 Views

The Prunus Domestica “Mount Royal”, more commonly known as the European Blue Plum, is a small European plum tree. Growing typically from 15-20 feet tall, the tree performs best in full sun, with average, medium moisture soil. Plum trees provide a beautiful centerpiece to your yard throughout the...

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Lavandula x intermedia 'Provence' (Provence Lavender)

Published October 9, 2019 134 Views

Provence Lavender is an evergreen shrub native to the Mediterranean that blooms in mid to late summer. Provence Lavender is a wonderfully hearty plant. It especially thrives in open sun and heat, performing the best in poor, well-drained soil. The plant is best known for its pungent fragrance. Its s...

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Tips and Tricks: Winter Lawn Care

Published October 7, 2019 141 Views

It is October in Rochester, and even though we may not like it, the weather will soon turn cold and we won’t see our lawns until next spring. Even though winter is almost here, there is plenty of work you can do to help your lawn look extra beautiful for the spring! Here are a few tips for how you c...

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Acer palmatum "Wolff" (Japanese Maple)

Published October 2, 2019 62 Views

Acer palmatum 'Wolff', commonly known as the Japanese Maple, is a deciduous tree native to the island of Japan. The tree is famed for its foliage, dark red throughout most of the year and blazing scarlett during the fall. Its Emperor I cultivar is extremely hardy, fantastic at withstanding damage fr...

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Salix integra "Hakuro Nishiki" (Dappled Willow)

Published September 25, 2019 612 Views

The Salix integra ‘Hakuro Nishiki’, commonly known as the Dappled Willow, is a deciduous plant native to Asia. The Dappled Willow can either be grown as a shrub or as a small tree depending on the technique of cultivation. This compact plant supports an abundance of pink, white, and green toned leav...

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Tips and Tricks: Fall Maintenance

Published September 23, 2019 67 Views

Think your yard doesn’t need any attention during the fall? Think again! The fall is one of the most critical times of the year for maintenance. The work you put in in the fall will pay dividends to the appearance of your garden in the spring. Here are some small tasks to take care of in the fall th...

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Acer platanoides "Crimson King" (Norway Maple)

Published September 16, 2019 146 Views

The Crimson King is a cultivar of maple found most commonly in Europe. First introduced in the US in the 40s, the Norway Maple has been planted throughout urban and suburban areas. The Crimson King’s  burgundy red summer foliage and dense canopy provides an excellent accent to your landscape.  ...

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Chamaecyparis pisifera ‘Filifera Nana Aurea’ (Gold Mop Japanese False Cypress)

Published September 9, 2019 158 Views

Chamaecyparis pisifera ‘Filifera Nana Aurea’, or The Gold Mop Japanese False Cypress, is a large evergreen conifer native to the Japanese islands of Honshu and Kyushu. The Japanese False Cypress has a dwarf mounding shape, growing up to five feet high. The Japanese False Cypress is extremely versati...

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Tips and Tricks: Fall Tree Care

Published September 6, 2019 110 Views

The leaves are turning and the air is starting to get crisp. It is the perfect time to spend some time taking care of your trees! Trees face a great deal of stress during the summer because of the hot temperatures and violent thunderstorms. The fall is the perfect time to address your trees’ weaknes...

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Thuja occidentalis “Smaragd” (American arborvitae)

Published September 4, 2019 107 Views

The Thuja o. “Smaragd”, or more commonly known as the American arborvitae, is a needled evergreen tree native to Canada and the Northeast. While many American Arborvitaes grow up to 60 feet tall in the wild, the Smaragd is a dwarf cultivar, typically growing up to around 14 feet tall. This cultivar...

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Magnolia stellata 'Royal Star' (Royal Star Magnolia)

Published August 28, 2019 149 Views

Magnolia stellata 'Royal Star', commonly known as the Royal Star Magnolia, is a flowering deciduous tree native to Asia. The Royal Star bursts into large white blooms before foliage emerges in the spring, serving as a beautiful centerpiece of any yard. The tree grows best in moist, rich soil in full...

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Lilium lancifolium (Tiger Lily)

Published August 21, 2019 146 Views

Lilium lancifolium, commonly known as the Tiger Lily, is a wonderful orange lily found in many parts of the United States. The perennial grows anywhere from 2 to 6 feet tall, with a green stalk lined with leaves and capped off by an orange bloom accentuated by small black spots. Tiger Lilies grow in...

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Tips and Tricks: Lawn Installation

Published August 16, 2019 109 Views

Planning on fixing up your lawn, or need to plant a new one altogether? Now’s the time! Although the cold weather might trick you, the fall is the best season of the year to plant grasses that thrive in Western New York and the Finger Lakes. Here are some of our tips and tricks for planting your new...

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Hydrangea petiolaris (Climbing Hydrangea)

Published August 14, 2019 155 Views

Hydrangea petiolaris, more commonly known as the Climbing Hydrangea, is a species of Hydrangea native to Japan, Korea, and Russian Far East. The hydrangea is a climbing vine, climbing as high as 50 feet high. As they are native to woodlands, the hydrangea does best in moist soil in partial shade. Du...

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Campanula punctata 'Cherry Bells' (Cherry Bells Spotted Bellflower)

Published August 7, 2019 96 Views

Campanula punctata 'Cherry Bells', commonly known as Cherry Bells Spotted Bellflower, is an extremely popular herbaceous perennial famed for its unique flowers. The Cherry Bells Bellflower grows up to two feet high and spreads up to two and a half feet wide, but many times spreads more vigorously wh...

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Dicentra spectabilis (Bleeding Heart)

Published July 31, 2019 136 Views

Dicentra spectabilis, more commonly known as Bleeding Heart, is an old fashioned perennial adored for its unique showy hanging flowers. Growing 3 feet tall and wide, the Bleeding Heart does best in partial to full shade and in moist, well-drained soil. credit: The Blee...

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Poison Ivy Alert: July 2019

Published July 26, 2019 140 Views

Summer is a beautiful time to spend time outside with your friends and family, enjoying everything that your yard and the outdoors have to offer. However, there are certain plants and pests that can derail your plans for enjoying nature in a hurry. One of these is Poison Ivy. Poison Ivy can be a hug...

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Viburnum x burkwoodii (Burkwood Viburnum)

Published July 24, 2019 132 Views

Viburnum x burkwoodii, commonly known as Burkwood Viburnum, is a multi-stemmed shrub that ranges from semi to full evergreen. The Burkwood Viburnum grows from 8 to 10 feet tall and has a 6 to 7 foot spread. The Viburnum requires full sunlight to part shade and an average amount of water. Burkwood Vi...

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