The leaves are turning and the air is starting to get crisp. It is the perfect time to spend some time taking care of your trees! Trees face a great deal of stress during the summer because of the hot temperatures and violent thunderstorms. The fall is the perfect time to address your trees’ weaknesses and get them ready for the harsh winter that is right around the corner. Here are a few things you can do in the fall to get your trees ready for the winter!

Pruning, Cabling, Trussing

Winter storms can cause a significant amount of damage to both your trees and property. If there are any dead or unstable branches, they can come down in a strong storm. These can serve as a threat to your property and loved ones. Therefore, before the winter, take some time to prune dead branches off of your tree. In addition, unstable sections of your tree that are still alive can be saved by cabling and trussing techniques.

Food & Mulch

During the hot summer months, your trees can experience a lack of water and nutrients due to the hot weather. Therefore, it is best to replenish its water and nutrients before it undergoes the stressors of the winter months. There are a few ways that you can help bring your trees back up to speed. We recommend that you mulch the area at the base of your trees. Mulching is a fantastic way to reduce temperature extremes in the winter, acting as a sort of blanket. In addition, make sure to keep your tree as well watered as possible throughout the fall and winter. Subsurface watering is one method that can help get water as close to the roots as possible.

In addition to taking care of the established trees in your yard, the fall is a great time to plant new trees! To read more tips and tricks on planting trees, click here.