The Thuja o. “Smaragd”, or more commonly known as the American arborvitae, is a needled evergreen tree native to Canada and the Northeast. While many American Arborvitaes grow up to 60 feet tall in the wild, the Smaragd is a dwarf cultivar, typically growing up to around 14 feet tall. This cultivar of the American arborvitae does best in more moist, full sun environments. The Smaragd is prized for its wonderful emerald hue which provides a wonderful green accent at any time of year.

The American arborvitae is a favorite for suburban yards. The plant is marvelously versatile. It can handle almost any type of soil and can be used for almost any purpose; windbreak, hedge, even as a centerpiece in a rock garden, the Smaragd does it all. No matter what the setting, the Smaragd will make any yard wow!

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