Planning on fixing up your lawn, or need to plant a new one altogether? Now’s the time! Although the cold weather might trick you, the fall is the best season of the year to plant grasses that thrive in Western New York and the Finger Lakes. Here are some of our tips and tricks for planting your new lawn in the fall!


The fall is by far the best time to get a new lawn started on your property. By planting your lawn in the fall, you give yourself several distinct advantages. The combination of warm soil from the summer and the moderate daytime temperatures and cool evenings of the early fall are perfect for the cool-season grasses most popular in the Northeast. For the best results, it is best to establish your lawn in the late summer to early fall.


There are a few different techniques for how to plant your lawn. There is no absolute right way to plant your lawn, as the conditions and layout of each individual lawn have an impact on what the best choice is. While it may be daunting to discern what the best option is, we at Ted Collins can help! We will create a comprehensive seeding plan to give you the lawn you deserve. To request an estimate today, give us a call (585) 381-9000 or visit our website.

Taking Care of Your New Lawn

Once you’ve planted your lawn, make sure to take care of it so it is established before the arrival of the winter. It is best to make sure that the top inch of soil should be consistently moist to encourage growth. It is best to let it grow to mowing height when you should cut it with a fresh sharp blade. After mowing, it is best to do a few deep waterings a week to encourage root growth. It would also be a good idea to fertilize your lawn, as it will help the grass grow better and have the energy it needs to get through its first winter.