One of the biggest challenges to keeping a lush, healthy lawn is the dreaded summer heat wave. A prolonged heat wave is not only a concern to the health of your family but also your lawn. While it may seem daunting, with the right techniques your lawn will remain lush and green no matter the weather. Here are a few tips to keep your lawn healthy through a heat wave!

Don’t Cut Your Grass Too Short

One of the best ways to combat a heat wave is keeping your grass cut high. This technique benefits your garden in several ways. First, by keeping your grass cut high, your grass will develop stronger roots. This will keep your plants stronger and will help them deal with harsh conditions easier. In addition, keeping your lawn longer will help it retain moisture and keep cooler during hot summer months.

Water With Care

When the weather turns hot, many people further damage their lawns by watering them incorrectly. Many people will water their lawns lightly and frequently throughout the entire day and even during the night. However, it is best to water your lawn in the mornings between 6 AM and 10 AM each day. This will allow your lawn to soak up as much water as possible and prevent water waste. Make sure that your lawn is completely dry before you water

Consult a Professional

If these tips do not work, call one of our professionals for an estimate today at (585) 381-9000 or request a free estimate.