Memorial Day weekend is right around the corner. For many gardening enthusiasts, this weekend is the best weekend for getting their garden planted and ready for the summer. For new gardeners, it is also the best weekend to start up your new garden. No matter what your skill level and experience, there are a few simple things to keep in mind to make your garden as best as it can be.


Soil climate zones

An important thing to keep in mind when picking plants to add to your garden is the USDA Hardiness Zone Map. The Hardiness Zone Map sets the standard of what plants will survive and thrive in different areas of the country. A plant that is rated for a different climate zone will ultimately not be successful and may die.

Before you buy a plant to install in your garden, check to see if the plant’s climate zone matches with your own climate zone. Most of the Rochester area lies within zones 6a and 6b. These temperate climate zones are hospitable to many popular and beautiful plants.

Building soil

One of the key components of a successful garden is healthy soil. While it may sound simple, healthy soil takes time and skill to develop.

If you are starting in an area covered by sod or grass, it is best to cut it up into chunks or till the soil. If you’ve already started a garden, mix in a variety of different kinds of organic matter to help the soil become lush and fertile. This organic matter can include compost, worm casings, or mulch.

Keep Plant tags

While it may seem like it is OK to throw away plant tags once your plants are in the ground, keeping plant tags is very useful. This way, if problems arise with your plants or you want to buy more for the next year, you will have a permanent record.