Looking for something to help your yard stand out from your neighbors? Exotic plants can give a unique, explosive pop to your garden or landscape installation. While it may not seem like it, many tropical plants are hardy enough to be grown right here in Rochester! Here a few of our favorite tropical plants that will give your garden the pop it needs:

Hardy Hibiscus

The Hardy Hibuscus is a showy perennial found throughout many tropical climates. Hardy Hibiscuses come in a range of different cultivars and colors, most of which are suitable to our climate. The Hardy Hibiscus is surprisingly easy to grow, but do best in well drained, acidic soil. To increase the acidity of your soil, try adding peat moss or potting soil to your garden. In climates with harsh winters like Rochester, it is best to cover the plant in the winter.

Elephant Ear

Elephant Ear.jpg

Colocasia, more commonly known as elephant ear plant, are best known for their huge tropical leaves. Much like the Hardy Hibiscus, there are a range of cultivars of  Elephant Ear, each with varying different shapes and color. Also like Hibiscus, the Elephant Ear is incredibly easy growing. The Elephant Ear has many uses: background plants, edging, or ground covers. No matter what you use it for, is sure to bring a tropical flair to your garden!

Angel's Trumpet

Angel's Trumpet refers to a number of tropical plants native to South America in the genus Brugmansia. These large shrubs are best known for their large, fragrant, downward hanging flowers. The plant is incredibly dangerous if eaten, so make sure your kids and pets stay away! Otherwise, the plant is a wonderful centerpiece shrub that will make your garden smell and look lovely!

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