Want to start a garden but don’t have the money or space to plant outside? Houseplants are the perfect alternative! Buying and taking care of houseplants is the perfect way to bring a bit of outside indoors and give your living space a splash of green. While being cheaper and easier to take care of than an outdoor garden, you will also be able to enjoy plants throughout Rochester’s cold winters.

Here are a few of our favorite houseplants to get your indoor garden started!


You might know Aloe from curing your sunburns, Aloe is a wonderful addition to any home garden. The succulent grows up to 3 feet high and wide, making it a great mid-sized plant to brighten up your home.

Christmas Cactus


The Christmas Cactus is a beautiful, arching cactus usually planted best in a pot. Don’t worry about poking yourself with needles, the Christmas Cactus’s leaves won’t hurt if you touch them. The Cactus is filled with beautiful red blooms around Christmastime, giving your garden a needed pop during the winter. The Cactus is also well known for its ability to propagate by cutting, meaning you can fill your house with Christmas Cacti!

Spider Plant

The Spider Plant is a sprawling green and white leafed plant, most striking in a big pot or in a hanging basket. While it looks great, the Spider Plant is very sensitive to contaminated water, low humidity, dry soil conditions, and over fertilization. If your water is fluoridated, be sure to water your Spider Plant with distilled water or rainwater.